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I'm attorney Craig R. Chlarson, and I've lived in Utah all my life. I have a wonderful and supportive family, a wife of nearly 40 years, seven kids in all, and I have the experience and wisdom that comes with raising a large family. Specifically, I understand how demanding managing family finances can be, and I work hard to help my clients "fight back and get on track" after they have been overwhelmed with consumer debt.

My law firm has a combined 100 years of legal expertise. We are all committed to applying our extensive experience in representing our clients' interests… especially bankruptcy issues. My firm has gained a reputation as an aggressive, determined, and effective team of debt relief attorneys. We are thoughtful and compassionate, yet we do not hesitate to implement aggressive tactics to reduce our clients' debts when necessary. As an ethical and proactive team, my bankruptcy staff has the ability to understand our clients' needs. We anticipate any difficulties which may arise, and we develop the effective and practical solutions that allow us to get these clients, these good people, past their bad debt issues.

Craig R. Chlarson - Utah Bankruptcy Attorney

My name is Craig R. Chlarson. Whether you are seeking to eliminate your debt, typically through a chapter 7 filing, or whether you are seeking to reorganize your debt, typically through a chapter 13 filing, or even if you have basic bankruptcy questions, call me today. I can help you.

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