How To Stop Creditor Harassment When You Can’t Pay Your Debts


Debt is a double edged sword. It is a powerful tool yet a lethal demon. While borrowing money enables you to live a luxurious life, having too much to pay can be devastating. One of the worst elements of being in debt is constant harassment from creditors. Naturally, people will get annoyed if they are not paid and so they can easily get brutal, rude and sometimes unreasonable. Life is not very fair and you may not be able to pay on time all the same. Sometimes, you may not be able to pay at all. That doesn’t mean that you do not have rights. You do! Creditor harassment can give you more stress than you have ever faced before.

Some creditors will hire debt collection services. Most of them are harsh when it comes to squeezing money from you. They also operate on commission grounds; they aren’t paid if they fail to collect the debt.

Stop Creditor Harassment-How to Prevent Creditor Harassment

The best way to stop creditor harassment is settling the bill. Ignoring creditors’ call will not keep them away. Let them know you are willing to repay the debt as soon as possible and tell them what situation you are in; they will likely understand. However, sometimes even doing all that is not enough. You will need to come to us for a creditor harassment attorney to help stop the harassment from your creditors, their employees and the debt collection services that they engage. Remember, no matter how deep you are in debt, you still have rights and no creditor should violate those rights.

Creditor harassment

Debt consolidation is another way to stop creditor harassment through letters, emails or calls. This method helps you to pay off debts more efficiently and faster than any other method. One does not have to file for bankruptcy. You are only required to allow experts develop a plan to moderate payments and get rid of the full amount you owe. The process starts with finding the lender.

There are other solutions like debt management plans to consumer debt problem. The ideal solution depends on the amount you owe, the number of creditors and the kind of debt. Debt management plans are perfect for people with serious debts but have good income. The income is used to make consistent payments.

For those whose financial situation is worse, probably debt settlement is the answer. Debt settlement will involve clearing a large part of the debt.

Can you stop debt collectors from contacting you? - Stop creditor harassment

Yes, you can, but you will have to engage the services of a creditor harassment attorney. If you are using a licensed lawyer, tell the collector that attorney you are working with and ask debt collectors to contact him instead. You can stop them via a telephone call or do it by writing them a ‘Cease Communication letter.

A Cease communication letter should explain why you are not in a position to pay what you owe or as agreed. Once the creditor receives this, they may contact you once or twice, letting you know they received it besides telling you what they intend to do to your account. This does not write off the bills. The creditors can choose to sue you.

The first most important thing about stopping creditor harassment is to get a good creditor harassment attorney. Thankfully, on our site you will find not only very experienced lawyers, but also specialists who have dealt with several such cases before. You can email or call for assistance and you will be assigned a lawyer to work exclusively with you.

Stop creditor harassment by knowing your rights

At one time or other you have fall behind or forget to clear your medical bills, rent, mortgage or other payments on your credit card. You received a letter or phone calls from your creditors. Some creditors will use arrogant and abhorrent language despite the regulations governing debt collection and bankruptcy. Most people are so stressed by the fact that they are not able to pay to notice when their rights are being violated.

Fortunately, Federal Trade Commission was established to create awareness among consumers on their rights as well provide a platform to report fraud and repugnant debt collection deeds. So what counts as creditor harassment (not limited to the following)?

  • Contacting you many times in a day, or earlier than8:00 am or after 9:00pm. The debtors should not call on Sundays as well
  • Pursuing you on social media
  • Using different debt collectors at the same time
  • Asking you to clear your debt in full or in large installment when you cannot afford to
  • Telling somebody else like a relative or a neighbor about your unsettled debt
  • Physical or verbal abuse
  • A creditor maintains the right to resolve the bills directly to the debtors
  • Implying that court action will be taken against you when the court has not ordered.

Consumers have the right to possess their account records such as delinquency notifications and any settlement covenant. A consumer who is in negotiations to clear the debt should keep written copies of the ledgers of all law-breaking charges and settlement agreement official copy. Any ledger that fails to comply with the above or tries to conceal any information should be reported to the Federal Trade Commission. Also, put date and time in writing. These records can be helpful in case you hire a creditor protection attorney and decide to file a complaint against your creditors.

Finally, you have the right not be tormented by a creditor. Now that you know your rights, confronting them should be your first measure to stop creditor harassment. If this fails, report to FTC.

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