Insolvent? Here Is How To Find A Bankruptcy Attorney


When you decide that bankruptcy is the only way out for you, then knowing how to find a bankruptcy attorney will be paramount. When you have been declared insolvent, it does not mean that you should toss your dignity out the window… oh… And those hounding calls from creditors… at last you will be rid of them.

How to find a bankruptcy lawyer

Getting the right attorney should be your number one priority when it comes bankruptcy. First, there is a lot of paperwork, more than you would really care to handle. Do not even attempt to do it on your own. You will get lost in the flowing paperwork. In addition, the bankruptcy attorney will tell you what to expect, and what the best stance is for you, that is, do you declare bankruptcy under chapter 7 or chapter 13?

Understand the bankruptcy process from start to finish

You are already broke, or you are unable to foot your debts. The last thing you need is tedious court work in the process of declaring bankruptcy. A good lawyer will be very simple in his explanations. He will explain to you to the entire process from inception to completion. In your quest to know how to find a bankruptcy lawyer, you will find that their services are very affordable too.

A considerable amount of time and energy will be spent with your lawyer, so if you all get along well, the better. The outcome of your case depends a lot on the person you get to represent you. A simple selection guide outlined in this article can be of much help.

Focus On Their Area of Specialization

How to find a bankruptcy attorney

Here, we specialize in bankruptcy, that is, a whole law firm is dedicated to help you come out of the bankruptcy process with your dignity intact and ready to get back on your feet. Having dealt with many such cases before, we can confidently assure you that bankruptcy is not the end of your life, but rather, it is the beginning of a new chapter for your financial life. It is like a person who loses mobility for a long time, and then finds his footing again.

Attorneys who have specialized in bankruptcy are more experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to bankruptcy as opposed to lawyers who task themselves on several fields. Check out a suitable attorney online by checking out their profiles in their websites. You will be surprised by the information on display. Check out for their academic backgrounds, length of practice in this particular specialization as well as the size of their office support staff.

Merits and demerits of working with different law firms

Contrary to public opinion, going with an attorney from a large firm does not necessarily mean that you will get a better representation. They may or may not charge higher fees, but this does not necessarily translate to better experience.

On the other hand, lawyers from much smaller firms may charge lower fees but still lack enough exposure and experience to apply on your case. It’s a fact that a lot of attorneys rely a great deal on their clerks and paralegals to help them with their cases. So in both scenarios, one might feel quite lost especially if the legal professional seems to be busy handling several cases at a go.

Search your State Bar Association

How to find a bankruptcy attorney in Utah

Here you will find lists of all lawyers specializing on bankruptcy. These association bars are present in all states. The process is really simple, just Google state bar and from there you can easily navigate your way. Some sites even have referral links that will link the client to the mentioned lawyers within that city or metropolis.

Lawyers who have been given disciplinary action are mentioned too and that can save you the bother of finding out when you have already wasted a lot of time on the wrong person. Go a step further and see if they are registered with the National Association of Consumer bankruptcy attorneys (NACBA).

The next time someone inquires about how to find a bankruptcy lawyer, you can guide them accordingly.

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